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Burt Brill & Cardens offer a wide range of tax services. We aim to provide clear, easily understood advice on difficult areas of tax law.

The firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and provides advice on the legal aspects of Inheritance tax and Income tax.

If you would like financial advice then please talk to our associated Financial Planning company, DKM Wealth Limited, which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and provides expert financial advice on investments, wealth preservation, Inheritance tax planning and pensions. For more information visit the DKM Wealth Limited website.

Income Tax

Completing a Self Assessment Tax Return can be a worrying business, whether you are an individual, in business or retired.

We provide a straight-forward cost-effective service for the completion of personal income tax returns.

The service includes dealing with capital gains, foreign income, and preparation of simple business accounts if required.

We also specialise in dealing with tax returns for trusts and individuals with share portfolios.

Inheritance Tax Planning Advice

If you own a house, have life cover, or pension entitlements your estate may well have to pay inheritance tax on your death.

Our inheritance tax planning solicitors have wide experience in advising on how inheritance tax will affect clients' affairs.

We will help you plan so that you do not pay tax on your estate unnecessarily, and advise on how gifts made by you during your lifetime can save tax.

Many people are not aware of the role that Trusts can play in ensuring that your assets are preserved, as far as possible, for future generations. We can explain how trusts can help you, and prepare proposals for you to consider.

Insurance cover can help to reduce tax bills. Through our associated Chartered Financial Planning company DKM Wealth Limited we can provide full investment and insurance advice.

The inheritance tax planning advice that we provide is completely independent. We will disclose to you any commission that is earned and we will agree with you how part of this commission can be used to partially offset our fees.

Administration of Estates

Under present tax law it is sometimes possible to vary the provisions of a Will so that less inheritance tax is paid.

We are able to offer comprehensive advice on "post-death" tax planning, and tell you the effect of inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax on the estate. Our aim is to offer effective, easily understood advice in what can be a difficult and confusing area of law.

Trusts and Personal Portfolios

As well as providing an income tax return service we can advise on the income tax and capital gains tax implications of trusts and personal portfolios. This advice can include tax planning, particularly for capital gains tax, and inheritance tax so that unnecessary tax is not paid.

For a complete legal and financial overview of your trsut or personal portfolio we will work with our associated Chartered Financial Planning company DKM Wealth Limited to make sure you receive complete advice, covering legal and financial aspects.

If you are involved with a trust where income is being retained until a beneficiary reaches a certain age (as it is often the case with trusts for grandchildren) we can give you advice and prepare the necessary tax returns.

The tax treatment of cash-enhanced scrip dividends can be complicated. We will be pleased to advise you, and prepare the necessary returns for the Inland Revenue.


Few clients would wish to emigrate just to save tax. But for some it can produce very large tax savings.

If you would like further advice on becoming non-resident for tax purposes then please ask us.

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"Virginia - thanks for looking after everything. And for your compassion."

Ms K - Probate matter

"Thank you so much for all your help and consideration during a really difficult and distressing time."

Ms T - Probate with complications

"The progress you are making and the fluency of this process helps us deal better with the ongoing bereavement"

Mr B - Probate with young beneficiaries

"Many thanks Virginia - a terrific job and great result."

Mr G - Probate for clients overseas

"Friendly, efficient, personal service"

Ms T - Probate for clients with high expectations

"Excellent! Thank you"

Mr W - Trust client with difficult ex-partner

"Thank you Virginia... You have given us all confidence and made us feel at ease with the situation, thank you..."

Miss B

"Hi Virginia, Many thanks - that's brilliant! I don't know how you maintain your sanity working through all the maze of issues. I'm an accountant (although not tax!) and just looking at it all gives me a panic attack!! My sister will probably just faint!!"

"Many thanks for your amazing work"

Mr G - Probate with complex inheritance tax/capital gains tax issues

"Hi Virginia, Very much appreciate your time and effort. What a good idea to send two mortgages for signature...just in case they look at the latest request favourably!"

"Once again thank you for arranging the valuation at such short notice"

"Thank you once more for all your help during this difficult time"

"Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly, so much appreciate your prompt attention"

Ms B - Trust management

"Thank you so much for all your help and professional service in dealing with the estate"

"I am, again, very appreciative of all your work"

Mrs A - Probate with hand written Will

"Thank you for all your help over settling the estate, it proved to be more complicated and protract6ed than we had originally envisages, but I am glad you managed to overcome the various obstacles and that it all worked out well in the end"

Mr T

"I am glad to hear the estate has now been settled. It has been an onerous task and I would like to thank you for sorting out all the complications"

Ms G

Mr F M - Probate - Complicated intestacy matter

"Our warm wishes and thanks for a job well done"

"Thank you very much for all the work you have done so efficiently in dealing with the administration of my mother's estate"

Mrs M

"thank you very much for all your work on this and the speed with which this final stage has been concluded. It is all very much appreciated."

Ms B

"I should like to thank you for dealing with this matter as well as for the clarity with which everything has been set out."

Mr F

"I wish I could clone you...very refreshing...a pleasure doing business with you!"

Mr H - Professional Contact

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