Commercial Disputes

Our team of experienced commercial dispute resolution solicitors offer cost effective, practical and consistent solutions to resolve disputes as they arise.

We have many years’ experience and a proven track record of resolving business disputes without the need for litigation. We aim to preserve your business’ valuable commercial relationships and resolve disputes efficiently and amicably.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Frequently, our cases involve complex, technical and factual issues. Much of our client base has specific needs – we work with charities, educational institutions, and small and medium sized businesses, and we will readily tailor our services to suit the needs of the client. Our commercial conflict resolution service is personal and attentive – we guarantee to respond within 24 hours to both prospective clients and our existing client base.

We provide transparency of costs before starting work. As part of our service we will analyse your legal position fully – reporting on the options available and the benefits, risks, and liabilities associated with exercising those options. We will advise on how to take the most effective action when it comes to resolving disputes in a commercial context.

We offer a full set of services to assist our clients and prevent commercial disputes from arising. This includes advice as to proposals, agreements and representation at meetings.

If a dispute has already arisen, our expertise in resolving commercial conflicts can help you. Our strategic awareness, tough approach and ability to negotiate and mediate in highly contentious situations enable us to achieve highly successful results. We minimise liability and increase the strength of our clients’ legal position.

In those cases where litigation is required, our team has obtained extensive experience of Court systems at all levels, up to and including the Court of Appeal.

We are also able to assist through our partners to provide advice in an international context.

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