commercial property solicitors london

Burt Brill and Cardens have now opened an office in Pall Mall and are therefore well placed to meet the needs of clients dealing in commercial property in central and outer London.

We are a well-established law firm and have been practising property law in the City of Brighton for over a century. We advise clients in connection with commercial property transactions nationally, including in London and are now able to offer an office for meetings by appointment.

Our clients seek advice from us on a range of commercial property transactions from landlords or tenants seeking to grant or transfer a high street shop lease or office premises to the sale and purchase of freehold land for development and the ongoing management of industrial uses.

We are experienced in the additional layers of complexity sometimes associated with central London property and although we do not compromise on the quality of our advice and our service, we are able to provide value to our clients by operating from Brighton with a London presence.

Commercial Property Solicitors London

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