How to Defend a Contested Will

If a family member is contesting a will, this can cause further stress for you at a time when you’re grieving. Burt, Brill & Cardens are experts at defending claims such as these, reducing the stress and getting the results you want, both in and out of the court room.

We realise this is a highly delicate and personal situation and you can trust us for full confidentiality and support throughout the process of defending a contested will.

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Contesting a Will: your free guide

Contentious Probate is becoming an increasing issue in the UK. Dealing with issues around who is entitled to what in a Will requires a sensitive approach which looks at a wide range of factors, from family disputes to difficulties regarding mental capacity and undue influence.

Our Contesting a Will Guide covers our 5 key tips to solving issues around contentious probate, and is completely free of charge for you to download.

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