Dispute Resolution & Mediation Services

Dispute Resolution

Disputes regularly arise in commercial, professional and personal relationships. If not managed properly, they can quickly become lengthy and stressful court cases.

Our team is experienced in all areas of dispute resolution and can assess disputes at the outset to identify the most suitable solution for you going forward.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation

We recognise that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation can be preferable alternatives to court proceedings.

Quicker than litigation and often much cheaper than a full court trial, ADR is a way of resolving a dispute amicably and efficiently outside of the court system.

ADR and in particular mediation help maintain personal and professional relationships. This is because the process includes both parties and only deals with the most important issues.

It is for these reasons that the Courts encourage parties to mediate to resolve disputes. The Courts now make parties declare on court documents whether they would like a month’s stay of the court proceedings to attempt to settle the issued claim by alternative means.

At Burt Brill & Cardens we are able to help with mediation by:

  • Providing a qualified mediator to assist in your dispute
  • Arranging a venue for the mediation to take place
  • Preparing the Mediation Agreement & Model Procedure
  • Sharing full details of charges and our fixed price option

Our dispute resolution service can be used for many different types of disputes, including family, commercial, and workplace mediation. We have specialist solicitors who are accredited mediators with the Centre for Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

Dispute resolution through mediation can ensure a continuing commercial relationship, which would not be likely if the dispute went to Court. It can also preserve privacy.

It’s important to point out that dispute resolution mediation can run alongside the litigation process. Mediation takes place without prejudice to litigation while the court action is ‘on hold,’ allowing the parties to explore a settlement in a private, confidential and neutral environment.


If court proceedings prove necessary, our expert litigators and advocates are able to represent you with confidence. With their support, litigation is no longer the daunting experience you may have imagined.

We cover the following areas of litigation:

  • Commercial Disputes – includes partner disputes, breach of contracts, construction disputes insolvency, debt recovery

Costs of Litigation

We are mindful that legal costs are an added consideration for our clients. Once we have helped you identify your case objective and the likely timescale, we will provide you with a clear cost breakdown for each stage. Fixed fees are also an option when workable.

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