Criminal Litigation

If you are in trouble and facing criminal proceedings then you need a solicitor you can trust completely. At Burt Brill & Cardens, we are here to help you throughout any investigations. We have the experience to support you before any charges have been brought right through to court proceedings. Using our experience, we are there every step of the way by providing practical criminal law advice.

We can represent you on criminal law matters including driving offences, fraud and health and safety prosecutions including corporate manslaughterPlease note that we only offer privately funded legal advice and we do not offer Legal Aid.

criminal litigation solicitors

Help at the Police Station

If you are contacted by the police to attend a police interview, it is highly advisable that we attend with you. Good legal advice at this stage may prevent you being charged or limit the scope of future prosecution. Call us immediately on 01273 604123.

If you are charged, we can continue to act for you and advocate on your behalf. We will be with you every step of the way until the matter concludes. If you require a specialist barrister we can instruct expert Counsel who we know and trust.

Cerys Sayer has vast experience in representing people at the police station.

What is criminal litigation?

Criminal litigation spans a range of different cases from traffic offences to serious fraud and other white collar crimes. The resulting criminal proceedings can be complicated and lengthy – it is therefore vitally important to choose a defence solicitor with experience in these matters.

Criminal Defence

When it comes to criminal defence, we are experienced in the following areas of law:

White Collar Crime – Directors Disqualification & Fraud

Cerys has a wealth of experience in advising and representing people facing white collar crime allegations. It is paramount to get accurate legal advice so the matter is remedied as quickly as practicable so that both your reputation and professional position are preserved.

Health and Safety law

Cerys has firsthand experience in dealing with serious health and safety cases including charges of corporate manslaughter. If you face any such allegation or need help to avoid a similar situation then please call her for immediate advice. 

Road traffic offences

Motoring matters are becoming increasingly technical to defend and the outcome can prove very detrimental if you are disqualified from driving. Cerys has expertise in successfully defending excess alcohol, failure to provide specimens, and drug driving charges.


As a solicitor advocate, Cerys can represent you in the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court. If you need an advocate please contact us and we can take the matter on.

Criminal litigation process – Going to Court

If court proceedings prove necessary, our expert criminal defence solicitor, Cerys Sayer is able to represent you. Vastly experienced and with an excellent reputation, Cerys will make sure you are treated fairly and justly.

Criminal litigation requires careful case preparation, scrutiny of the evidence, and no-nonsense advice. In what is an understandably stressful time, communication becomes even more important so we make a point of ensuring you understand what is happening in plain language at every stage of your case.

Private Prosecutions and Defending Prosecution

In this day and age the state does not necessarily have the means to prosecute every case. If you require assistance in bringing a prosecution please contact us for further assistance.

Criminal Litigation Solicitor

As a criminal litigation solicitor and Solicitor Advocate Cerys Sayer has all the experience required to help with your case.

If you have any queries, please call us to make a free no-obligation enquiry on 01273 604123 or fill in the form opposite and we will be happy to assist you.


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