Workplace Mediation

During your working life, it’s likely that at some point you will have to manage a conflict at work. With so many differing personalities and a lack of choice in who you work with, problems at work can escalate quickly and may prevent you from doing your job properly. Conflict in the workplace can also be personally damaging, and can badly affect those around you.

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Workplace mediation is often the best way to resolve the problem – especially if the issue escalates to the point where one party threatens to take the issue to court. Mediation will help in resolving conflict in the workplace in a private setting. Instead of high-cost, public accusations in the courtroom, mediation can resolve the dispute confidentially, quickly and relatively cheaply. Mediation may also be considered a practical preventative measure before things get too heated.

Mediation is entirely voluntary and everyone has the right to leave at any time. Furthermore, if mediation doesn’t solve the problem, it doesn’t prevent further action being taken and the mediator cannot use any evidence they may have in court without the express permission of each party.

Going to court can permanently damage a working relationship. Workplace mediation can help employees come to a personal agreement. With our years of experience, we’ve found that mediation resolves problems in a way that allows employees to continue working together peacefully. With workplace mediation, grievances can be aired in a supportive environment and problems can be shared with the aim of reaching an agreement that suits all parties. In these cases, the people involved also tend to know how to prevent further problems later on. This makes mediation a viable long-term solution.

Business Mediation Solicitors

If you’re an employer, mediation is the first real step in resolving difficulties in your workplace. Whether you choose an external or in-house mediator, our experience at Burt Brill & Cardens in dealing with a range of conflicts in the workplace make us well positioned to assist with your issue.

We can provide comprehensive advice on the business mediation process , and offer tailored solutions to your specific situation and training courses to revolve your dispute as quickly as possible.

Our dispute mediators are experienced in commercial mediation and business mediation. Based in Brighton, we are experienced in resolving all kinds of business disputes without the need for expensive Court action.

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