Diversity Data

Our regulator the SRA asks us to collect and report diversity data.

Everyone in the firm was asked to participate in a survey to ensure our diversity statistics were accurate.

Individuals were given the opportunity not to answer any or all of the questions if they did not wish to.

As required by the SRA we gathered information in relation to age, gender, transgender, disability, health issues limiting day to day activities, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, social mobility and caring responsibilities.

Data protection legislation rules mean that we must not report data in a way that allows the identification of any individual. The size of our firm is such that as a consequence the information set out below is in summary form and is limited to data which will not allow the identification of individuals.

Of those members of the firm choosing to participate in the survey and providing information in relation to a particular question:

Age: 50% are under 35 and 50% over 35.

Gender: Our colleagues are predominantly female.

Caring: None reported having caring responsibilities.

Disability: None consider they have a disability.

Ethnicity and Religion or belief: Our colleagues have varied ethnicity and varied religious beliefs and no religious belief.

Education: 50% of our colleagues were educated in non-selective state run or funded schools.

Social Mobility: When our colleagues were 14 the main income earner in their households had very varied roles including Technical (16%), clerical (16%), modern professional (16%), traditional professional (27%), and senior management and semi-manual occupations.