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“Amelia Bohills dealt with my case in a calm and professional manner and assisted greatly in reaching conclusion. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any client requiring the services of a first class family law specialist.”

We understand that for many divorcing couples, their property, or ‘former matrimonial home’, is not just an asset. It is often a place they have made home, with special memories and attachments.

Coming to an agreement on how, if, and when the family home should be split can be a difficult part of Divorce. Complications around children, moving out, buying or renting new properties, and even new partners can complicate the matter even further. That’s why it is vital to speak to our experts to make sure that your next step is in your interests.

Every Divorce Solicitor varies in their experience and the services they offer. We take the time to get to know our clients, to understand what kind of support you need in your Divorce, and make sure that you feel supported no matter what challenges you are facing.

It’s important to have an initial consultation with a Divorce Solicitor to make sure that you feel reassured by their knowledge and safe in their hands before you instruct them to act for you.

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