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Family problems or concerns can be some of the most stressful and emotionally traumatic events you can experience. Although coming to a decision about whether to seek legal help can be difficult, we are here to make your life easier and provide you with comprehensive Family Law advice for often complex and stressful issues. Legal help can be the best way of resolving problems.

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A hefty legal battle will be the last thing you want if you are in the midst of dealing with family problems. Our Family Law team are experts at family mediation, helping you sort out issues with your partner or former partner without the expense and worry of high legal fees. Additionally, we resolve the majority of our disputes out of court, so you won’t have to go through a long and traumatic hearing.

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We understand that the family is a private matter and problems or issues need to be discussed confidentially. We’ll keep this the case.

Our expert Family Law Solicitors are very experienced with helping families and will guide you through the legal processes. You won’t be pushed from one lawyer to another or have to answer the same question time and time again – instead, your solicitor will know your case personally and understand your individual sensitivities and concerns.

How Our Family Law Solicitors Can Help


It can be difficult for your children to understand the implications of family problems, and if you are considering a divorce you will want to minimise the effect it has on them as much as you can. It is important that any decisions you or your partner make regarding your children is backed by the law to ensure there are no arguments further down the line that could cause additional upset for anyone involved.

Civil partnerships

We are experienced in advising on civil partnerships and would be happy to take you through the process. Find our more about Civil Partnership legal services including civil partnership agreements & Civil Partnership Dissolution.


If you live with someone, but are not married, it is a good idea to consider a cohabitation agreement. This is an especially good idea if you own a property together or have children – it will provide a solid legal grounding should the relationship dissolve. Find out more about Cohabitation Agreements.

Collaborative law

Collaborative law is a good way of dealing with a range of issues amicably and it can often produce excellent results. It also attempts to rebuild the trust and friendship between partners, making it easier on children and other in the family. Read more about Collaborative Law.


If the time has come for a divorce, you want it to be sorted as soon as possible, as fairly as possible, and with minimum stress and emotion. We’re experienced at making this happen and ensuring you receive the very best family law advice at this difficult time. We also realise how important it is to help you to move on with your life – and have skilled family law solicitors to assist you in this process. Find out more about Divorce.

Family mediation

Family mediation allows you and your former partner to discuss your problems in a secure environment with an experienced family mediator. The mediator’s job is to make sure the discussion is fair and is with you at all times to ensure all your needs are met. We will not take sides, but will help reduce arguments and make sure both sides listen to the other. Family mediation can be an excellent idea if you would like to resolve family legal issues without the expense of going to court. Find out more about our Family Mediation services.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Although not necessarily the first priority for many new couples, a pre-nuptial agreement can be a responsible decision to ensure both parties know where they stand and what they’re entitled to in case the worst happens and you divorce. It is decided by you and your partner in advance, and will help to eliminate arguments later down the line. Find out more about Pre-Nuptial Agreements.

Separation agreements

Separations are sometimes the best thing for your family – and even if you don’t divorce, it allows both parties to continue with their life. A separation agreement sets out exactly how the separation will be conducted, how financial matters will be organised, who will take care of any children and where they will live. It also gives you the freedom to decide if and how much you will support your former partner in a fair and balanced way. Find out more about Separation Agreements.

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