Guide to Charges for Family Law matters

Brighton Divorce Solicitors

If you’re thinking about divorce, worrying about the cost adds to the stress in a difficult time.

We have various ways of helping you and we’re happy to discuss the best option for you once we have some information about your case. The following are some of the ways in which we can help:

Costs budget

Rather than paying your costs at the end, an agreement can be made before we begin that you pay hourly for our time. We will estimate the work and time required at the start and review this, if necessary, as we go along. This keeps you in control of your budget and means you won’t be surprised by sudden extra costs.

Fixed Fees

We can arrange to help you for a fixed fee, either for the whole case or for part of it. This fee will be agreed with you in advance, so you know where you stand.

Sharing the work and reducing fees

We have a reduced-fee Divorce Help Service, which means you deal with much of the paperwork relating to the divorce itself, and we advise you on how to do so. We can help you to obtain an Order approving what you and your partner have agreed on financial matters.

This service means that you pay just for our legal help and do the lion’s share yourself, giving you more control over the time it takes, the way in which it is done and your wallet.

Lender funding

We can introduce you to a specialist family legal fees funder who lend money to pay legal fees.

Pay at the end

If you’re worried you can’t afford help now, we may be able to agree that you arrange to pay after the divorce, from the divorce settlement.

Just want some quick advice?

If you would just like some general advice or guidance come along to our advice meeting service. We offer two options, £75 plus vat for up to an hour of our time to discuss your case or a meeting of up to 90 minutes plus a follow up note of the advice so you can refer to it later down the line for £195 plus vat.

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