Resolution Specialist and Family Law Solicitors

Resolution First for Family Law Solicitors

“Resolution” is an organisation dedicated to ensuring that family lawyers know how to help you with your family problems in a non-confrontational manner. If you select a lawyer who is a member of Resolution to help you, you know that they are highly qualified and do their job to the highest standard. They are excellent at focusing on the needs of the entire family, and specialise in the best interests of children. Members of Resolution must follow its Code of Practice, which is designed to help families resolve their problems sensitively and cost-effectively. Members are supported with frequent training programmes which help them to help you, and are assessed frequently to make sure that Resolution provides the very best in family lawyers.

Along with the requirements a member must fulfill to be a member of Resolution, a Resolution Specialist has undertaken further training and must comply with the rigorous requirements demanded of them. They are experts in their field and will have significant experience. They must adhere to the rules of Resolution and are assessed to make sure they do. They are able to help with most family related matters, from divorce and adoption to civil partnerships and cohabitation. If you want the best family lawyer you can find, look for a Resolution Specialist.

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