Conveyancing Solicitors – What to Look For and Who to Choose

When you’re moving house or commercial property and you need to find a conveyancing solicitors to deal with your transaction, there are a variety of things to bear in mind before you take the plunge. In this blog post, we investigate what to look for when searching for conveyancing solicitors.

Know What You’re Looking For

We are in an age now where legal services are available from a wide range of suppliers – traditional solicitors of course remain, but there are now online services, services through call centres and other remote based solutions. Know what you’re looking for and be careful when it comes to knowing what you’re paying more – the ‘easiest’ or cheapest services may not be the most appropriate. The big question is whether you want to save every penny and are happy for the legal work to be dealt with in a ‘conveyancing factory’ or whether you want to pay a bit more for a personal service and easy access to the person doing the legal work in a local firm. Ask the right questions, and stick to your guns.

Be Sure to Shop Around

Get a few quotes before you settle on one provider. Compare comprehensive quotes from a number of solicitors and ensure they’re like for like – make sure you’ve got all legal fees etc. covered. Remember, cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean the best – don’t get bogged down with saving small amounts of money if you’re property transaction runs into the hundreds of thousands. You usually get what you pay for.

Stay in Touch – Communication

When it comes to something as important as property conveyancing – whether commercial or residential – communication really is key. It has to come from both sides; conveyancing solicitors need to communicate well and keep you in the loop, but additionally you need to be honest and open about all the possible things that affect the purchase of your new property. Conveyancing solicitors can do local searches, environmental searches and liaise with many people on your behalf – communicate and use their skills.

Know Your Rights

The job of your conveyancing solicitor is to take the stress away from your property purchase. No matter how much experience you have in the property industry, moving properties can be a stressful experience and it makes sense to use people with know-how to help you. Sometimes, however, this can go wrong, and a number of issues can arise with regards to your solicitor. Whatever the reason it doesn’t work out, you have to know your rights. Your solicitor will have a complaints service but if that doesn’t resolve things then the Legal Ombudsman is the best port of call in this instance. Visit them at

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