Protect your business using a legally binding employee contract

The internet can save us time and money, but it can also cause problems. There are hundreds of employment contract templates out there ready to download at the click of a finger. But using one of these is dangerous and could get you in trouble with the law later on. While you can alter the template contract to suit your company, a mistake can very easily be made, and one missing clause could find you in court.

The temptation to save money has led many employers down this road. Unless your contract is drawn up correctly and is legally binding, you might find your employee has run off with confidential information and an armful of the client files they’ll need to set up in competition. Saving money and protecting your company go hand in hand, and having an employment lawyer draw up a contract for you will save expensive court costs if your employee abuses his position.

Unlike downloadable contracts, a legally drawn up contract will be streamlined to your particular employee and your business. We will discuss exactly what you expect of your employee, your company policies and what’s important for you to safeguard in your business. We will make sure all clauses relating to confidentiality, holiday, sickness, bonuses, wages and more will be set firmly down on paper.

Talk to our employment law solicitors in Brighton and Sussex about protecting your company and your reputation by drawing up a legally binding employment contracts.

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