Mediation in Legal Disputes

Mediation is becoming an extremely useful tool in many types of disputes. It can be used to avoid expensive battles in court and is also much quicker than going through a court case.

Most people don’t think that mediation would apply to any of the legal issues they might face within the course of their lives but that is not true.

Mediation is being effectively used in many types of legal disputes such as:

  • Divorce – access to children, sale of the house and asset distribution
  • Workplace disputes – grievances, bullying and unfair dismissal
  • Property law disputes – boundary disputes or noisy neighbours

According to recent research, the average time for a mediated divorce case is 110 days, compared to 435 days for a non-mediated case and the costs are significantly less too, with a mediated case costing £500 but a settlement through court costing £4,000.

The government has promised more money towards mediation to help separating couples avoid lengthy, expensive court cases.

Mediation seems a positive step towards resolution of many disputes without the stress of going to court and without the financial burden too.

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