Protect your business with a confidentiality agreement

If you, or your company, work with consultants that have access to sensitive or private information, you might be worried that they will share it with others. In the business world, it’s not always easy or wise to trust that someone else has your best interests at heart. The surefire way to protect your private data is to have those that work closely with you sign a confidentiality agreement, which makes it illegal for them to disclose information to anyone else.

A document such as this is very important if you or your company has an idea or creation that you want protected. Equally, if you hire equipment or seek advice from an outside source, it’s vital to prevent them disclosing what equipment you’ve hired or the advice they’ve given.

Is a confidentiality agreement legally binding?

Yes. The person or persons that sign it cannot share your trade secrets with competitors or the press. It ensures the safety of your company entirely, whether you’re safeguarding your sales data or the topic of discussion in last week’s team meeting. If you’re concerned that your employees might leak information, you can even ask them to sign an agreement, giving you total peace of mind that your business is safe.

How do I get a confidentiality agreement?

The safest way to ensure your confidentiality agreement is legally binding is to speak to us. You may be tempted to use a template downloaded from the internet, but these are often written by amateurs and are meant to be a guide only. A downloaded template will not be tailored to your company and may leave out vital clauses that make the agreement invalid and leave your business vulnerable.

Here at Burt, Brill & Cardens we have drawn up many confidentiality agreements and can provide you with an agreement that fits your requirements. Our experience in employment law means we’ll ensure it is properly signed and secure.

Always take advice specific to your circumstances before acting or deciding not to act.  To discuss your confidentiality agreement, call us on 01273 604 123 or email You can read more on Employment Law or find out how we can help protect your business with Employment Law for Employers.