Resolving Issues with Wills

Solving Contentious Probate – 5 Ways to Resolve Will Issues

Contentious Probate is becoming an increasing issue in the UK. With large families and an increase in the amount of people’s worldly possessions, it’s become very common for people to challenge the validity of a Will in certain situations. In this post, we look at solving contentious probate, and look at ways to tackle what can often be a difficult issue for all those involved.

Resolving Will Issues


You need to be sure you have a comprehensive and complete amount of information at your disposal when it comes to contesting a Will. You’ll need to know the facts, and of course be accurate when it comes to reporting the problems you have with the Will in question. Know the facts, and be diligent about keeping a record of pertinent information.


As with any issue regarding sensitive topics surrounding the family, communication and a clear understanding of the issues is very important. Quite often, problems that manifest themselves during probate are down to a lack of communication and not talking to loved ones and other family members.


On the topic of communication – it also happens to be a really useful tool when it comes to mediating disputes, which can otherwise get out of hand. Mediation is a very important aspect of solving contentious probate, and at Burt Brill and Cardens we have a good deal of expertise and experience in mediation.

Aim to Resolve

Aim to find a way out of the issues. Contentious probate doesn’t last forever – and as can be shown by our success as a Brighton solicitor in mediation and resolution, there will always be a way out – especially if you hire experts as a separate pair of eyes on the situation. If you look to the future and envisage a way out of the issues, you’re more likely to be able to move on and get to a point of acceptable conclusion.

Take Your Time

Sometimes issues surrounding contentious probate are issues that have their origins a long time ago. In other words, there are no quick fixes, and taking your time to make sure things are solved completely a conclusively will pay off in the long run.

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