Pension Mis-Selling: Free Guide to Maximise Your Claim

Are you worried about your pension?

Financial advisors hold a unique position of trust and power over your finances, and poor advice can result in serious financial repercussions. Even the most financially shrewd of us can fall victim to negligent advice from financial and pension advisors.

If you are worried that you have been mis-sold a pension, our highly experienced Litigation team have put together a guide for you.

Our guide is completely free to download and will take you through:

  • How to know if you have a claim for pension mis-selling
  • The 3 key steps to maximise your claim
  • Legal jargon around financial mis-selling claims
  • The process of making a successful claim

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Book your initial consultation

If you think you have been mis-sold a pension, your first step is to book an initial consultation with a member of our top Litigation team. We will discuss:

  • Your current position
  • The issues you are facing
  • The best route to maximise your claim
  • Our expected timescales and fees

We offer remote meetings by phone or video call if preferred.

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