Funding Your Case

We understand that you might be concerned about the cost of instructing solicitors and investigating your claim.  You might also be worried about having to pay out your opponent’s costs if you lose the case.

At our initial meeting we will talk through the funding options and check any insurance policies you have to see if you have insurance cover for legal fees. It may be the case that you do, in which case your insurer may pay the legal fees.

There are a range of solutions and options, including:

  • Flexible funding arrangements
  • Conditional fee agreements (“CFA’s”) (“no win no fee”)
  • Discount conditional fee agreements (“no win, less fee”)
  • Contingency fee agreements

‘After the event’ (ATE) insurance protects you from being ordered to pay your opponent’s costs. The policy can also provide disbursement funding assistance to help you pay for the out of pocket expenses you need to make your claim.

If we agree to work on a pay as you go basis, we can break the work down into separate stages and agree with you how much work we will do. You can place a limit on this, so you do not need to be worried about legal costs mounting up without you knowing.

We are always happy to hear from you and will be happy to discuss your case with you to work out the best funding options you. To discuss your options with us, email us today or call us on 01273 604 123.

6 Steps to make a Professional Negligence Claim: your free guide

When professionals make mistakes, provide incomplete or incorrect advice, or deliver a substandard service that result in a loss to you, it can qualify as a breach of their duty of care to you.

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