How much will I have to pay for care home fees?

Do i have to pay for my parents care homeYour local authority will make a financial assessment, taking into account your parents’ income (including pensions and benefits) and their total capital (house, savings, assets).

If you live in England, the current rules are:

  • If the total amount is more than £23,250, your parents will be expected to pay all fees.
  • If the total is between £14,250 and £23,250, your parents will have to pay £1 for every £250 of capital between these amounts.
  • If the total is less than £14,250, your parents will receive the maximum support available for your local authority. Your parents will still have to contribute to their pension, minus £23.50 a week, which is safeguarded.

For now and in the future, if your parents do not have significant savings, they will not have to pay for their care. Your parents may also be exempt from paying care home fees if they require continual medical help, have specific nursing requirements or have a terminal illness. If this is the case, the NHS will cover the cost of care. If you believe your parents are eligible, a medical assessment can help determine whether they are entitled to have their care costs covered.

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